Are Outdoor Lights Good for Security?

At least one burglary occurs every 22.6 seconds, and the average burglary takes only a few minutes, some as little as 90 seconds. As a result, it makes sense to want to go above and beyond to protect your home and family. Although common deterrents include home security systems, many homeowners install outdoor lighting to serve as a deterrent to thefts. However, is this a good security method?

Does Outdoor Lighting Actually Deter Criminals?

In a nutshell, yes, it can. Authorities frequently recommend using outdoor illumination to help keep homes safe, and studies have found that crime is reduced on well-lit streets. It was also found that residences with outdoor lighting had a 7% lower risk of becoming the victim of a crime than homes without it. Overall, areas with new outdoor lighting installed experienced a 39% reduction in crime rates right away. Bright lighting helps deter criminals by making it more difficult for them to approach your home unnoticed. 

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Smart Lighting

This helps you control lights even when you’re not home. Turn your lights on at random intervals to correspond with predictable movement. Make sure your curtains are drawn if you intend to use this technique and that no one on the street can see directly into your empty house. This way, anyone who knocks on your door will believe you are actually there, making burglars reluctant to target your home.

Motion Sensor Lighting

These add an extra layer of security. When the sensor detects movement, these lights turn on. Potential intruders may be startled and scared by these lights, which may make them rethink approaching. Whether it be a flood light, landscape lighting, or other outside security light, these lights are brilliant to brighten your external doors. Any nearby neighbours will also be made aware of any unusual activities thanks to the sudden porch light.

Accent Lighting

Incorporating some tasteful white yard lights can aid in ensuring the safety of your home. Most of the time, criminals are searching for obvious security lighting. As a result, they might not see your subdued garden lights, allowing you to pick up on any illicit activity more easily.  

Directed Lighting

This is a method for spotting burglars as they approach your home that combines security cameras and spotlights. They cast light on the area in front of your camera, allowing you to plainly notice any intruders and record any potential crimes on video.

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