Power Point Installation Sydney

Avoid using extension cords that run across rooms or chunky double adaptors. Express Tech Electrical will ensure your home or office is made safe and orderly by installing power points in more convenient locations or installing extra power points where needed. 

Power Point Services Offered


  • Installation of new power points
  • Repairing existing power points
  • Upgrading from a single to a double power point
  • Testing all the power points in your house
  • Upgrading an existing power point
  • USB power points


Types of Power Points


Choose from a range of power points depending on your needs and budget.


  • 3 Phase power points
  • Pendant type power points
  • Skirting duct mounted power points
  • Child-safe power points
  • Slimline power points
  • Industrial water and chemical resistant power points
  • Regular single and double power points


When Would You Need To Install New Power Points?


If you renovate your home, you might consider updating the electrical outlets to a more modern style. 

Your home or office needs may have changed so that the existing outlets are insufficient. If you wish to use more appliances, adding new power points is a better solution than an unsightly and unsafe extension cord or multiple adaptors.  

If you have an older home, it might be time to replace the outlets with new ones that meet current safety standards. 

Why Choose a Professional To Install Power Points?

Power point installation in your home or office in Sydney is best left to a professional and licensed electrician. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • A professional will know the best locations to install new power points and recommend the best type and quality power point for your needs. 
  • Electrical work can be dangerous if not done properly. A professional electrician has the training and experience to safely install power points and other electrical fixtures.
  • NSW has strict laws and regulations governing electrical work. An electrician will be familiar with these laws and ensure that your power points are installed in compliance with these laws.
  • Installing power points is not a simple DIY project; it is a delicate process, and an expert will have the necessary tools and equipment to install power points properly.
  • A professional electrician will warranty their work. This means that if there are any problems with the power points after they’re installed, the electrician will come back and fix them at no additional cost.

For your power point installation needs in your Sydney home, contact Express Tech Electrical. Our 5-star services are 100% quality guaranteed, and we offer honest and competitive pricing.