RCD Installation Sydney

An RCD, or residual current device, is a type of safety switch used to protect people from electric shock. There are two variations of RCDs: plug-in and portable. Plug-in RCDs are installed in the fuse box, while portable RCDs can be carried around and used with other equipment. RCDs can save lives, so it is vital to ensure it’s properly installed and maintained by a licensed electrician like Express Tech Electrical.

How does an RCD function?


RCDs monitor the electric current flowing through the circuit and compare it to the current flowing back through the neutral wire. A difference between the currents indicates a current leak somewhere in the circuit. RCDs are designed to “break” the circuit when this happens, preventing electrocution or fires. They are used in domestic and commercial settings and are an essential part of any electrical safety system.

What Are The Different Types Of RCD Switches?


There are four types of RCD switches:


Portable RCD switch – Designed for electrical tools and appliances not connected to a power metre. They are attached to an extension lead/cord or a power board to which you can connect the electrical device.

Combination of circuit breaker and RCD switch – They are designed to protect from electrocution and safeguard appliances and are an ideal choice if you have limited space within your property.

Metre box mounted RCD switch – These RCD switches run along the circuit breakers found in the main metre box or distribution board of a home.

Power point RCD switch – Fitted directly to a power point and has a test button. These are great for protecting specific areas of a property, such as a bathroom or a workshop.

Who Is Authorised To Install an RCD Safety Switch?


All new electrical wiring and equipment installations in NSW must comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2018 (known as the Wiring Rules). This standard sets out the requirements for installing and maintaining electrical equipment, with a focus on safety. One essential safety requirement is using an RCD which a licensed electrician must install. In addition, any existing installations that are modified or extended must also have an RCD installed if one is not already present. 

Is an RCD switch mandatory in Sydney?


Yes, as Sydney falls within the state of New South Wales, the law requires all properties to have an RCD switch installed – it’s a safety measure that protects occupants from electrocution in the event of a fault in the electrical circuit. It also helps to prevent fires by quickly cutting off the power to faulty circuits. 

In addition, these RCDs need to be regularly inspected and tested by licensed electricians using specialised equipment. Be sure to contact Express Tech Electrical; we have the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done quickly and safely. Contact us today at 1300 090 635 to schedule an appointment.