Light Switch And Dimmer Installation Sydney

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to create a sense of comfort in your home. But there are occasions where you don’t need the full power of your home lights, such as an intimate candlelit dinner, watching a movie in your home cinema or a late night trip to the bathroom. 

Dimming lights allow full control over your lighting with a simple switch to set the mood for whatever you are busy with in your home.  

Reasons For Installing Dimming Lights

The lighting effect of a bedroom won’t be the same as the lighting in a reading or dining room. Your bedroom requires dim lighting, while a reading room might need a brighter setting. Some of the most common reasons to install dimmer switches in your NSW home:


Set The Mood 

With a simple switch, you can have the ideal lighting conditions for any room. When you entertain guests, harsh, bright lighting can be unwanted in the dining room. Dimmers offer control of how much light you require in the room.


Energy Efficiency 

Dimmers save energy as the light will only use the amount of power of the brightness level it is set on. LED lighting installation will even save you more energy.



Instead of a sudden blast of brightness, you can adjust the light level just enough to guarantee the comfort level of your home.

Where In Your Home Would You Install Dimmer Light Switches?

Some of the most common areas include:

. Bathrooms

. Hallways

. Bedrooms

. Kitchen

. Porch

. Living Room


Can I Fit My Existing Lights With Dimmers?

Not always. A dimmer switch requires a compatible light to work. If the current lights in your home don’t support dimmers, you can create a fire hazard. Most conventional bulbs are designed to operate with a specific voltage. Talk to an experienced electrician at Express Tech to find out whether it’s possible to fit your existing lights with dimmers.

Why Choose Express Tech Electrical?


Express Tech Services is a Sydney-based electrical business with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We specialise in all types of lighting fixtures, including dimmer light installation. Contact us today.