Outdoor Security Lighting Sydney

Outdoor security lights are a type of lighting fixture typically used to illuminate the exterior of a home or business. These lights serve various purposes, including deterring burglars, providing additional light for outdoor activities, or improving the overall appearance of a property. 

Security lights come in various sizes and with different features. The best choice will depend on factors like the size and layout of the illuminated area and the installation’s purpose.

Type of Outdoor Security Lights


Standby Lights

Standby lighting is usually used in commercial and industrial applications, as well as in some residential settings. In the event of a power outage, these lights provide illumination for occupants to safely evacuate the premises. 


Motion Lights

Motion lighting is a security light that only activates when it senses movement. It is often used as a surprise trigger to burglars and other intruders, as the sudden burst of light can startle and disorient the culprit.


Day-Night Sensor Lights

This type of sensor light detects the presence of light and switches itself on when going into darkness. This type of light serves a big purpose should you wish to leave your outside lights on while you are away for a few days, as it will save on energy as it only switches on once it’s dark. 

Where Should You Install Outdoor Lights?

Consider the purpose of the lighting – is it for security, decoration, or both? Is the location near power outlets – if the area to be lit is far from any outlets, installing solar-powered lights may be the best option. 

Outdoor lights can be installed:

  • On an exterior wall – for doorways and sides of buildings
  • As a lamppost – for large areas
  • As landscape lights – for walkways, entertainment areas and gardens 

With careful planning, outdoor lighting can illuminate the otherwise dark areas outside your property.

Do I Need a Professional To Install Outdoor Security Lights?


There are many reasons to hire a professional to install outdoor security lights.

  • A professional has the experience and knowledge to carry out the installation safely and correctly, using the correct tools.
  • They will know how to wire the lights to comply with local building codes and standard wiring rules. 
  • They can offer suggestions on the type of light needed and the best location for installation based on the layout of your property and the level of security you require.

Outdoor security lights not only provide light in dark areas but also act as a visible deterrent to criminals. Express Tech Electrical in NSW can help you choose the right outdoor security lights and install them quickly and efficiently so that you can feel safe and secure at all times. Contact us today at 1300 090 635 to get started.