Oven, Stove and Cooktop Installation Sydney

Cooktop, stove, or oven installation; Express Tech Electrical can take care of all your electrical appliance installation needs across Sydney. Our experienced electricians offer a full range of appliance installation services for your home or business.

Electrical Appliance Installers In Sydney

Many electrical appliances simply require plugging in and turning on, but often larger appliance installations are more complicated, and you need a licensed electrician to fit the unit, set up the necessary connections, or add a powerpoint for safe installation. 

Appliances which may need professional installation include: 

Electric Oven – Most ovens are connected to an independent electric power source. We recommend fitting an electrical safety switch to the oven circuits to prevent accidental electrocution. 

Electric Cooktop – These need to be installed by a certified electrician as they’re hard-wired into the main electricity supply of your house. 

Electric Stove – The large power requirements for this appliance mean it must be hard-wired. 

We can also upgrade the connection to provide enough electricity for these appliances to function properly.


Why You Need a Professional? 

Australian standards must be strictly adhered to for every oven, stove and cooktop installation. This includes minimum clearances and ventilation rules. This ensures compliance with the different statutory, manufacturer and legal requirements.

As with any electrical work completed by a certified electrician, you should be given a compliance certificate once your item is installed – this certifies that your oven or cooktop has been installed to conform to the relevant regulations and that it’s been tested to make sure it’s safe and in working order.


Express Tech Electrical At Your Service 

Express Tech Electrical will send a fully licensed electrician to get your new oven, cooktop or stove set up and running. All our work is certified and guaranteed, so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of and safely installed to industry standards so you can start cooking!