Exhaust Fan Installation Sydney

The Building Code of Australia stipulates that rooms with no ventilation to an outside area must be fitted with a mechanical ventilation system in the form of an exhaust fan.

An exhaust fan serves multiples purposes:

  • It reduces foul smells, like in your bathroom.
  • Removes condensation when cooking, using your tumble dryer in a laundry room, or to help steam from showers and baths escape. 
  • They also serve a cooling effect in a hot room. 
  • Draws hot air away from ovens and cooktops.

Where Exhaust Fans Are Useful? 

There are no rules about where you need to install an exhaust fan, in fact, there are several areas in your home where an exhaust fan can be useful. Ask the professionals at Express Tech Electrical to come around and give you some advice.


Bathrooms and Toilets 

Bathrooms are the locations where the most moist build up can occur in your house. This means this area is susceptible to mould and mildew and excessive moisture can affect the structure of walls, floors and ceilings, causing them to rot or deteriorate. To prevent this, install a ceiling exhaust fan that directs humid air out of the room through vents. It will also help to alleviate the smells in your bathroom. 



If you place an exhaust fan near your stovetop, it will keep the air in your kitchen clean and free of any unwanted smells, vapours, steam, and smoke.



A laundry room will most likely be closed during operation to minimise noise, so it’s very important for there to be proper ventilation, especially when using a dryer. This will avoid condensation and dampness forming.

Where Does The Extracted Air Go?

If the space is close to the roof, or a single-story dwelling the extractor fan can safely run into the roof space.

If the area is on the bottom level of a second-story dwelling, fans should be directed to the exterior of the property, to prevent rot and mould.



Why Use a Professional for Exhaust Fan Installation Service?

Regardless of where you want your exhaust fan to be located, it is important to ensure that it’s properly positioned and fitted by a qualified electrician. Kitchen ventilation, for example, should extract odours and moisture to the outside of the house and not into the roof cavity.

They will also ensure that the unit and its installation comply with Australian Standards AS3666.1 and AS1668.2

Express Tech Electrical’s highly skilled electricians will ensure all of your exhaust fans are correctly positioned and installed for maximum effectiveness.

Why Choose Express Tech Electrical?

Help bring ventilation into your home, reduce humidity levels and the risk of mould growth, with an exhaust fan installation service by Express Tech Electrical. Get in touch today for a greater level of comfort within your Sydney home.


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