Deciding if It’s Time for a Switchboard Upgrade: A Guide to Evaluating Your Current System

Switchboards are essential for controlling the flow of electricity through your house or place of business. But over time, your switchboard can become obsolete or unable to keep up with the rising needs of contemporary electrical devices and technology. 

It’s essential to understand the process of assessing your present switchboard to see if an upgrade is necessary. This enables you to make an informed choice and guarantee your electrical system’s security, effectiveness and dependability.

Age of the Switchboard

The age of the switchboard is one of the key elements to consider when determining if an upgrade is necessary. Your switchboard might not have the capacity or safety measures necessary to handle the electrical load of modern appliances if it’s over a few decades old or uses antiquated technology. 

Older switchboards might not have circuit breakers or residual current devices (RCDs), which are crucial for preventing electrical problems and lowering the danger of electrical fires. A redesigned switchboard will offer better performance and greater safety features.

Overloaded Circuits and Tripping Breakers

Circuit overloads and tripped breakers are clear signs that your current switchboard cannot meet the needs of your property’s electrical system. This can happen when you add new appliances or equipment that consume more power than your switchboard can handle. 

It’s a good bet that your switchboard is old and inadequate if you frequently have to reset breakers or have power outages. Your electrical system will be able to withstand the load and avoid any potential electrical hazards with an upgrade.

Insufficient Power Outlets

If you use numerous power boards or extension cords to accommodate your electrical equipment, your existing switchboard may not have enough power outlets to fulfil your needs. Older switchboards often don’t have enough outlets and circuits to support modern electrical demands. You can get a sufficient number of circuits and power outlets by switching to a new switchboard, which will do away with the need for risky and inconvenient extension cords.

Lack of Safety Features

When it comes to your electrical system, safety should always come first. The necessary safety measures, such RCDs that guard against electric shocks and electrical faults, may not be present in older switchboards. In the event of a failure, these safety devices are built to promptly identify problems and cut off the power supply, reducing the possibility of harm or injury. The most recent safety measures will be incorporated into your electrical system if your switchboard is upgraded, giving you added protection and peace of mind.

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